A new day the day after

Hi. I just updated my website. It’s been a while. I found out the website builder site I needed to go to update it. I learned my username is different than it used to be. It has a letter in front of it now. The letter K for Klu Klux Klan. I learned I have a new password. I replaced the yellow sticky note on my bulletin board with the old username and password. But first I removed some of the other stuff on my bulletin board to get to the original yellow sticky note. Things like remedy recommendations from my naturopathic doctor, an old folded map of the moon, a map of fine art galleries in the lower east side of New York City from April 2015. Which is not to say these things don’t still remain pertinent to me. They are. They are pertinent in a “they are on the floor to the right of my desk near my feet in front of my two drawer plastic filing cabinet and I wonder what I am going to do with them” kind of way.

Technology has changed since last time I updated things. I made things look nicer. I was able to make the font more consistent. When I used to update my website consistency in font size and theme was such an issue for me. The new website updating tools are easier.

On a less writerly note we stayed up late last night watching Hillary Clinton lose. It was terrible.

One day, I tell myself, I’m going to survey the entirety of that moon map. I’m going to learn the name of every crater.


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